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Interview by Agniezka Foltyn

'Hougaard uses the lens as a way of seeing, following trajectories of intuition in sharp contrast to analyses of details through multiple perspectives. “[My practice] is research-based but at the same time very much affected by coincidences and mistakes,” she says. Hougaard explores interests across levels through a dynamic process of comparison: the empty spaces of seemingly solid material composition, distance and intimacy within the artist’s role, facets of communication that combine into organic structures in flux. She weaves a narrative of movements in infinite connection; how infrastructural decisions are informed by the small and seemingly disparate actions of the individual within the collective. She states, “What is important is the way we practice meaning. The way we share our individual stories changes the world. We create a new story together.”'

Thanks a lot to Agniezka Foltyn for interviewing me about my exhibition Carriers of Meaning and practise in general. You can read the interview here:

Photo by Diana Lindbjerg

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