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Carriers of Meaning - solo show at Babel Visningsrom for Kunst

Welcome to my solo exhibition at Babel Visningsrom for Kunst August 21st. 

At the moment of birth, all living organisms are thrown into a universe of meaning, into the semiosphere. The semiosphere is like the atmos-, hydro- and biosphere. It penetrates these from the inside out, and contains within it all forms of communication, from sound, scent, movement and colours to electric fields, heat rays and chemical signals. 

The exhibition Carriers of Meaning presents four installation works, that all investigate how meaning and knowledge emerge as well as how these are shared and reproduced within nature, culture, technology, science and economic systems.

The exhibition is supported by Fond for Lyd & Bilde, Arts Council Norway, Trondheim Municipality and Danish Arts Foundation. BABEL Visningsrom for Kunst is supported by Arts Council Norway and Trondheim Municipality.

Thanks a lot to Nils Kristian Rossing, Vitensenteret, Per Møller, Richard Doty, Vitenskapsmuseet, Elisabeth Stur, Mohsen Falahati Anbaran, Institut for Fysik NTNU, Ole Tore, Ragnvald Mathiesen, Muslimsk Samfund Trondheim, Omar R. Awayssa, Manya Sundström, Lilly Andersen, Trondheim Kornsilo, Amalia Fonfara, Espen Gangvik, Miss Rouge, Gullsmed Aas, Kristoffer Lislegaard, Steinar Stensen, Diana Lindbjerg, Ole Tobias Moen, Øystein Digre, Tore Reisch, Odd Joar Oksås, Jacob Jessen, Unnur Andrea Einarsdottir, Tuva Holm Nymo and everyone else who has contributed to the exhibition in one way or another.

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