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Sensory Deprivation, as a break from the overstimulation of modern day culture, Meditation because it is important to be self-aware and to understand ourselves at the highest possible resolution, Individualism because I believe the world is the individual that manifests themselves outwards and that we have the autonomy to make something out of nothing, Dialectics because listening is an imperative to understanding, Order and Chaos because we need a balance of both to properly operate in the world and for the world to properly operate, and The Unknown because we learn by challenging ourselves and by striving to understand things we do not know.


Flying dust. Every single part of our bodies has been already existing for hundreds of years. Thousands. Millions. It was just a different complex. Or hundreds of them. Thousands. Millions. What I call “myself” now was also hundreds of miles away. Thousands. Millions. My first memory is from the age of two. But I am not only my memory. I am a construct. My universe is a construct too. Every living creature is carrying its own, unrepeatable experience, its own lens, optic.



“A person entering the space of non-place is relieved of his usual determinants. He becomes no more than what he does or experiences in the role of passenger, customer, or driver. . . . The space of non-place creates neither singular identity nor relations; only solitude, and similitude.” – Marc Augè



Examination of Invisible Spaces

None of the causes controlling our world are visible under any conditions; we can see a fragment of the what of things, but nothing at all of the why. Examination of Invisible Spaces aims to reflect and challenge our tendency to neglect what we can’t see and measure. In doing this we speculate that the invisible forces of our world are as important and equal to those we can touch and interact with. How can we approach those invisible fields, which seem to be what is keeping the world together? 

'Examination of Invisible Spaces' is an interdisciplinary series of events taking place in Trondheim, Norway. The project is initiated and curated by Nanna K. Hougaard. 

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