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Good Chemistry? (Man, Woman, Corporate) (2020)

Pheromone Natural Spray Man,

Pheromone Fragrance Twilight Woman 

Corporate Vaporisateur, velour columns


The installation consists of three columns sprayed with pheromones from companies promising enhanced chances of attracting the opposite sex and success at the job interview.


Pheromones are chemical compounds, transmitting messages between individuals of the same species. Ants, for example, use pheromones to trace the fastest route to a food source, or to signal danger. That humans likewise excrete pheromones, unconsciously sensing them through smell and affects our actions, for example, our choice of partner, has been a recognized theory for several decades in spite of the inconclusive test results the research is based on. Human pheromones are a myth, according to professor, and director of UoP Taste and Smell Centre, Richard Doty. A myth perhaps kept alive as the chemically produced pheromones, the research is built upon, are produced by the American company and patent holder EROX.

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