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Department of X (2019)
Generative 8-channel sound installation 
Loudspeakers, arduino, LED, plexiglass, wood, fabric

One enters the ‘Department of X’ in an exhibition space behind a blackout curtain on the second floor of Trondheim Kunstmuseum Gråmølna. A platform of around 3 by 3 meters forms the basis of a three-dimensional structure of singular beams shaping the physical outline of a space. The structure has eight smaller built-in platforms that support eight loudspeakers, and in the centre of the ‘roof,’ an LED lamp softly lights up the space. From each of the speakers, specific voices speak more or less abstract sentences of a scientific nature. Every time there is a pause between the voices the light turns off, and darkness prevails, but only for a short while before a voice speaks again, and at the same time lights up the space. On the platform, one becomes the centre of what seems to be a (somewhat interrupted) conversation between eight scientists. (...)



Department of X - Excerpt
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The installation is based on separate interviews with eight researchers from the Norwegian University of Science & Technology. The questions referred to articles written by the professors and their answers were cut into short sequences titled with subject clues from which an algorithm composes fictive conversations. The algorithm's selection contributes to a certain level of randomness, providing that each experience of the work is unique from the previous ones.


The work was made with technical support from Steinar Stensen.


Department of X (2020)
Generative 8-channel sound installation 
Loudspeakers, Arduino, light bulb, plasterboard, carpet, fabric
Lydgalleriet_dokumentation copy.jpg

Exhibited at Lydgalleriet, Bergen (NO)


Artist book: Department of X (2019)
Printed and bound in Denmark by Grafisk Trykcenter
95 pages
90 g Offset Paper
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