BxxNGS l-lll (2018)
mixed media installation

[Things speak, but we need to learn how to converse] During the period 2014-2017 [talking] bxxngs are collected from various, arbitrary locations in Denmark and Norway. Unframed and stripped from their original and entangled relations, they are now reframed in three separate, yet connected examinations for reconsideration. The examinations seek to treat the bxxngs mutually autonomous and equal - regardless their “natural” or “artificial” heritage - noting that these are only temporary fragments of entities in transformation, pieced together to provide a narrative that is already over.



Installation view
[Analyzed bxxngs] "Dynamic Register"
"Dynamic Register" - detail
"Dynamic Register"- detail
"Dynamic Register"-  analysis scheme
[Original bxxngs] - "Conversation in Dark Space"
"Conversation in Dark Space" - detail
"Conversation in Dark Space" - detail
[Digitized bxxngs] - "Getting Closer?" - video 
"Dynamic register" - original photos